For conservative investors:

Our goal is to help accelerate and protect your family’s wealth.  While passive investing with an index mutual fund can allow you tread water, to swim ahead you need to work with superior individual stocks. Premium stocks are hard to find, and human bias and broker compensation schemes can pervert most recommendations. 

Key benefit of artificial intelligence.
To do better than human attempts, we use advanced artificial intelligence methods that objectively find the superior stocks every day. Without human bias, the track record is superb.  Please take a look.

Superior performance from bedrock stocks.
While we provide portfolio recommendations for over 40 market segments to large professional investors, we suggest individual conservative investors are best served by the large stocks that are the bedrock of the US economy.  Thus, we recommend 10 stocks every day out of the largest 100 US stocks for conservative investors. Of course, you are free to act on, filter, or ignore these artificial intelligence originated recommendations. 

Extraordinary capability.
Artificial intelligence can evaluate hundreds of inter-related market factors affecting every corner of the market, far beyond any human’s capabilities.  (The ZZAlpha® artificial intelligence system makes 2 trillion calculations to reach its over-night recommendations.)

Published track record.
Unlike almost every other stock recommendation source, the artificial intelligence system tracks EVERY recommendation every day – it must do that in order to learn from the market.  But more importantly, we then annually PUBLISH the outcomes of the stock recommendations for everyone to see and compare. 

The greatest risk is falling behind.
If your investments are not exceeding the comparable benchmark, they are not protecting you: your family is falling behind.  (Falling behind simply means you will be hurt more by the inevitable market downturns, recovery will be harder and it will take longer to accomplish your family wealth goals.)

Of course, the market goes up and down, and every investment portfolio rises and falls.  But, over the longer run (5 years), superior investments should ALWAYS do better than their benchmarks.

Stocks in 100 Largest Caps  

(10 daily morning recommendations from the 100 largest cap stocks)

The top five of our ten recommendations (the artificial intelligence technology scores and ranks each recommendation) had returns substantially exceeding the benchmark OEF  ETF which tracks the Standard and Poors 100 index with over 31% annualized returns over the past 5 years (vs 15% for the benchmark). Because only largest cap stocks are considered, this set of recommendations provides extraordinary liquidity for subscribers with large AUM. Performance and Graphs

What we do

We provide you with 10 recommendations every morning before the stock market opens.** We accompany the recommendations with capitalization, recent liquidity, industry, and other useful information. See the Sample.

Our secret sauce

Constantly updating recommendations with daily fresh information supports repetition of small gains that compound rapidly over time. Our artificial intelligence uses only objective, public facts of fundamentals, volume and price unbiased by opinions. Proven artificial intelligence algorithms and big data from the entire US market drive our recommendations.  We compute in a high-performance, high-security cloud.

There is no guarantee that returns will be similar in future market conditions. However we are not changing our consistent methods that gave these past recommendations. FAQs

We are independent.

We are not affiliated with any brokerage, ETF, financial advisor or issuer.  We do not accept compensation from anyone to make a  recommendation.

We focus on tradeable stocks.

In all of the ZZAlpha® portfolios, we recommend stocks listed on the NYSE, NASDAQ and Amex exchanges with prices over $3 and with more than 80,000 shares traded daily.   

** To establish the ZZAlpha® track record, all recommendations have been certified and encrypted daily (prior to market open) since Nov 2011 by Digistamp Inc. to provide secure auditability. (Certification of our new  algorithm recommendations began   2017.)

What we don't do

We don't handle your money.

You (or your trusted advisor) handle your money and buy and sell as you choose.  Not us.  Our business is making solid, methodical recommendations for plain old stock trades. We don't compel you to trade.  You are free to use any recommendation or not. Some investors use only the top one or two on a given day, or filter the recommendations using the morning's news.

We don't provide entertaining stories about stocks.

We focus on methodically recommending stocks that should rise in price in the near future, not opinions or entertainment. 

We don't recommend penny stocks or options.

We also don't recommend IPOs, pink sheet, micro-capitalizations, foreign issues, derivatives, or exotic risky securities.
Persons seeking day-trading, high risk, hot-tips or illusory "opportunities" should consider whether the conservative, consistent trading process we support would be more profitable, safer and easier in the long run.

We don't provide personalized investment advice.

We offer to subscribers a daily newsletter focused on the largest stocks.

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Daily recommendations for conservative investors.

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