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Please note that certification of this portfolio did not begin until 2017.

10 Large Stock Daily Recommendations for a 20 day hold

Historic performance of the 5 daily "Long" recommendations from the S&P 500, S&P mid 400, and S&P small 600 lists where capitalization is more than $3Billion.
SPY (a S&P500 tracking Exchange Traded Fund) is used as the benchmark. 

5 Daily Recommendations *
Benchmark (SPY)
1 year
20+  %
14 %
3 yr annualized
20+ %
9 %
5 yr annualized
20+ %
14 %

  * The returns shown assume investment of equal amounts each day in each recommended stock,  buying  at the opening price the day of recommendations, holding for 20 market days (about 1 month), selling at the closing price on the last day, and repeating with fresh recommendations.  The returns are calculated assuming a starting portfolio of $1 million and $8 commission paid on each buy and sell.

Cumulative returns from S&P 1500 largest stocks
Cumulative returns from S&P 1500 large cap stocks
These performance graphs -five years- visualize historic risks and returns - "past performance" - against the SPY ETF benchmark.  When the value of a line falls below a portion of the line to the left (in the same year), there is risk. Both the benchmark and the recommendations have risk and rewards.

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